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1 Million Steps by Christmas!

Walk a million Steps before Christmas! Join in our “Step into Christmas let’s get going again” challenge and raise funds for Beaumond House  - help us step into the New Year healthier and ready for the next challenge.






If you take part, you can say...


  • You walked 500 miles – but  maybe not 500 more

  • You could have listened to I’m gonna be (500 miles) 35 times on each walk or 3560 during your challenge

  • You walked over the equivalent of the distance from Beaumond House to Paris!

  • You walked over 33 times around the radius of the Beaumond House area

  • … Just think how many mince pies that is worth!


Think of all the pre-Christmas and post lockdown calories you will lose then think of the well-earned rewards once you have.


Join our team – we want 100 people to walk 1 million steps in the 100 days to Christmas to raise funds for Beaumond House.


The steps can be taken on anywhere on any day! There are plenty of tracking devices available to record your steps. Click here for some suggestions. Click here for a spreadsheet to record your steps if you wish.

Why not send us a screenshot of the record of your steps when you have completed them so that we can shout about it for you and present you with a certificate. You may be surprised how quickly your steps can add up to 10,000 a day.

We would love to hear how you’re getting on so don’t forget to send us your pictures! Why not have some fun along the way with some festive fancy dress?!


A team of our directors are getting involved so why not join in on taking on 1 million steps in the 100 days to Christmas.






Can you be one of our 100 fundraising heroes?


Read the press release here.


This challenge has come about as one of the Beaumond House Directors, David Tomkinson, has set himself and his wife the challenge of each walking a million steps by Christmas. They plan to do this by waking 10,000 steps on 100 days which equates to 1,000,000 and trying to raise £100!


Can you join the challenge? You can do it.... break it down, it is approaching 100 days – yes just a hundred days to Christmas – but this is still enough time to walk 10,000 steps a day (which is the recommended amount we should all do) to achieve a million steps before Christmas all whilst providing vital support to your local hospice.