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Beaumond House Business Club Benefits

Why have a Club?

Beaumond House Community Hospice provides ‘local help for local people’ within a 15 mile radius. Its unique care was given freely to 500 patients and their families last year. But to continue that care costs £1.1 million pounds annually, of which approximately £600,000 must be raised by the people, businesses and organisations around Newark.


How can the Club help my business?

Put simply, the Beaumond House Business Club provides your business with the possibility to reach thousands of local people and organisations in your market catchment area. Depending on the level of membership that you choose, it offers you many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Association with a respected local charity

  • Highlight your company name/ logo in the Beaumond House mediums:

       Newsletter (approx. 2000); Website; Facebook (in excess of 4200 likes) and Twitter  


  • Use of the Beaumond House logo on your own materials

  • Have dedicated features on your business in the newsletter

  • Formal membership certificate for you to display

  • Dedicated space on the website and reciprocal links

  • Discounted/free tickets to own Beaumond House Events

  • Possibility of local press coverage

What will it cost?

The Beaumond House Business Club is designed to attract and engage with many of the types and sizes of businesses in your local area. To achieve this aim, annual membership starts from as little as £100.


or call or email Cathy Lowe for further details 

Tel: 01636 385025 Email here

Terms & Conditions


For each membership level we would ask that all annual fees are paid once a year, with the option of two equal payments if paying by direct debit.


Membership would commence at the point of payment for 12 months, subject to second direct debit payment being made where applicable.


The Business Club is a membership scheme which offers benefits to a company in return for a subscription fee. Funds which are raised and donated as a result of employee fundraising initiatives will not be considered by Beaumond House Business Club as funding any part of a subscription.


Beaumond House reserves the right to cancel a membership if it believes there are reasonable grounds to do so. Any refund of a member’s subscription will be limited to the amount covering the remaining term of the membership year already paid.


Use of the logo is subject to approval from an authorised person at Beaumond House. Guidance will be provided which must be adhered to.

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