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The following events are being held in aid of or supporting

Beaumond House.

Thank you!

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Beaumond House Code of Fundraising Conduct

We are grateful to all individuals, companies and groups how so ever formed, who decide they want to support the charitable objectives of Beaumond House Hospice Care. In order to ensure that everyone acts in the best interest of the charity, complies with the new Code of Fundraising Practice and in order to keep all fundraisers safe, we ask that those who undertake this kind act read the a brief section below: Beaumond House requests that all fundraising: •   Protects and enhances the reputation of Beaumond House and harmonises with and reflects the mission and values of Beaumond House. •  That all fundraising materials and methods should represent honest statements of purpose. • That all fundraising expenses should be clearly recorded and kept to a minimum consistent with effective management. • That no pressure or other forms of coercion should be used to elicit funds from any source at any time – this includes the shaking of collecting tins and buckets or pressuring anyone to donate.

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