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Day Therapy


Coping with life-limiting conditions is challenging and Beaumond House seeks to provide support and help that meets an individual’s needs.

Our day-hospice offers support through our team of nurses and health care assistant, chaplains and volunteer helpers. 


We can also help with signposting to and liaising with other people and organisations who could help.  There are a range of therapeutic activities offered including art, craft, and movement workshops.  Together these can help people feel better, able to cope, better manage their symptoms, provide peer support for others dealing with similar issues and reduce feelings of stress and isolation for patients and carers.

Taking that first step through the door of a hospice can be difficult but day care is a happy, supportive atmosphere with lots of laughter.  Food plays an important part in the day, with snacks and drinks always available and a good choice of a home cooked meal shared together. 


If you think day hospice may be helpful to you please telephone us on 01636 610556 and ask to speak to the nurse in charge.

You can request our welcome pack care services leaflet here.

“She and the nurse got on so well, she was always friendly and jolly and became her friend.


Beaumond House were absolutely brilliant. They gave her comfort and made her feel safe. They uplifted her and gave her umph back.”

The NHS Friends and Family Test

Beaumond House Hospice Care want you to have the best possible experience of care.
The NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually
review our service.

Click HERE to fill out our short form.

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