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We need your Support

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Providing care and support to patients and their families costs Beaumond House around £1,000,000 every year. Approximately £750,000 of this income is raised through the generosity of the general public and local businesses throughout Newark and district.

Around 25% of our funds are provided by the local Clinical Commissioning Group.
We raise money from a variety of sources, running many campaigns, challenges and events throughout the year.

Beaumond House is very careful that all fundraising initiatives have a good return on investment. Many, if not all, of our fundraising activities are kindly supported by local businesses or local individuals, so in essence cost Beaumond House relatively little. We are exceptionally grateful to all who help make our fundraising so successful. Without these people and the incredible generosity of the local community, we could not continue to provide the care that we do.

How you can help

fundraising ideas

Organise a Cake Sale

Organise a Sports


Take on a Challenge

Donate to Our Shops

Arrange a group 

Volunteer Day

Become part of our

Business Club

Corporate Fundraising


Get Involved with our

Latest Events & Campaigns

fundraising resources

Fundraising Resources

Here you will find a variety of Beaumond House downloads and resources for your fundraising event.

Organising an event for us? We have a variety of poster downloads below for you to edit or print and personalise. Download the poster and edit in word or print and write on your details such as date, venue etc.

Download and print our fundraising pack and supporting documents below, this will give you all of the information you may need for organising your own event or ideas of how to enhance your event, if you don't kow what you want to do yet, the packs are full of great ideas to get you started with your fundraising.

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