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Beaumond House Hospice User Group

Would you like to join the Beaumond House Hospice User Group? (HUG) The aim of the group is to contribute to the improvement of the care given at Beaumond House by providing a patient and carer perspective.

Who can attend?

Any person receiving care from Beaumond House, carers of people receiving care at Beaumond House currently or within the last year.

We also have a ‘virtual group’ for people who may find it difficult to attend but would like to be involved. This could be by e-mail, post or phone.

What is the purpose of the group?

By coming along to the group you have an opportunity to:

talk to us about our current services help us improve information, communication comment on topics we’re currently discussing in person, or by e-mail or post. contribute patient and carer perspectives on future developments.

When does the group meet?

The group meets bi-monthly at Beaumond House. The meetings usually last about an hour.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 13th September at 4.00pm. To find out more or to attend a meeting, please call Jo Cobb on 01636 610556

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