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In Loving Memory of Liz Wilson

Elizabeth, Liz, "My Gorgeous Girl " was simply the most courageous, caring, loving person I have ever known. Liz loved life, her husband, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was vibrant, vivacious, extremely fit and active, definitely fun loving and always, always positive in her outlook. She adored gardening, was a wonderful cook and looked after her family with unconditional love until her very last breath. On 20th June it was confirmed that Liz had a tumour on her spine which had started in her kidney and was now also in the vein supplying her kidney, her liver, her spine, the muscles surrounding her spine and her lymph nodes. Liz remained her usual positive self and vowed to fight this unwanted invader to her very last breath. Liz underwent surgery and initially progress was good good enough to transfer Liz to the rehabilitation ward in Mansfield Community Hospital. Unfortunately the progress was short lived and all the progress made was lost. Liz remained supremely positive throughout but desperately wanted to come home and be with her family. This was rather more problematic than we envisaged. Our daughter, Lisa, had more than one set of friends in Newark who had received help from Beaumond House and who spoke very highly of the wonderful care and support they had received. Lisa therefore contacted Beaumond House and thankfully they agreed that they could fill the gap in the care provision for Liz and provide the first visit of the day. I cannot begin to describe the difference this would make to the end of Liz's wonderful life. Liz was able to come home on the 1st of November and, sadly passed away in the early hours of the 16th of November. In the intervening two weeks, Liz filled the house and every member of her family with so much of her love that we will never run out. From two twenty in the morning of her last hours with us, Liz, although very, very heavily sedated, dragged herself into a state of consciousness and spent the next two and a half hours doing what she always did. She used that time to prepare and try to protect, myself, our two daughters and their husbands for the deep loss that we were about to experience. She repeatedly told us as individuals and as a group how much she loved us, over and over again. At the very end she said "I'm going now". I replied "OK my darling". She then said "Bye" and three breaths later was gone. We, as a family have been so privileged to have been able to experience such a wonderful goodbye to the person who had shaped all of our lives and we will never be able to thank the people from Beaumond House enough. Without their support, Liz would have died alone in hospital and would not have had the opportunity to give to each and every one of her grandchildren time with them that they will remember and treasure. Beaumond House brings gifts such as this to families in the Newark area every single day. They are a local treasure that we should remember and support in any way we can. Thank you from the Wilson family to everyone, in whatever capacity, who contributes to Beaumond House and the care they provide. In loving memory of Elizabeth Wilson Jim Wilson


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