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Helen's story

Friends have said to me when I have spoken of the care and support that I have received from Beaumond House that they had no idea about how much they help younger people and also patients who are not terminally ill and realistically can recover from having cancer. This is why I want to give something back

I was finally diagnosed with bowel cancer last October after numerous trips to the doctor followed by countless tests and procedures. Diagnosis took a long time and was very stressful. As soon as I was diagnosed I got immediate help and support from Beaumond House. I have received emotional support counselling, massage and relaxation sessions, financial advice and always feel so welcome and supported as soon as I walk through the front door. A cup of tea and a friendly chat are always to hand, I feel safe and looked after at Beaumond House. I got the all clear in February and am very lucky not to need any further treatment. I still attend Beaumond House to have my weekly session with Rosemary, the complementary therapist who I consider to be my guardian angel. When I found out about the craft and jewellery making sessions on offer to day-care patients I donated bags and bags of glass beads. I also donated a lot of jewellery that I had already made for Beaumond House to sell to raise funds. I have now started volunteering at the craft sessions and am loving being able to give something back. My husband, Stuart Sibcy and brother-in-law Simon Lock have both just completed the London Marathon for Beaumond House and also plans to run the Dukeries Ultra Marathon, which is 40 miles, for Beaumond House. Stuart says that Beaumond House is the single most amazing place that Newark has. It needs protecting, preserving and because it is a beacon of hope where sufferers and their families will receive the most profound support imaginable. It deserves your support, Simple as that.


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