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eBay for Charity

There are several simple ways that you can support us by using eBay:

By selecting us as one of your favourite charities, it will make it more likely that you will be able to find sellers that support Beaumond House and you will be able to easily add a donation to any purchase that you make while at the checkout.

And by having us as a favourite charity, when you are selling an item on eBay you can donate a portion of the sale to us. All you have to do is select us as the charity you would like a portion of the sales to be given to and then select the donation percentage you would like to give, which can be anywhere between 10-100%.

The percentage that you donate will also discount your listing and final value fees, so if you decide to donate 25% of the item sales, when the item sells you will get 25% off the eBay fees that you would have to pay.

Your item will also stand out because eBay will add a unique charity ribbon icon next the products name and the full details of who we are and what we do will be in the item description and the percentage that will be donated. Buyers will also be able to look specifically for items that benefit us.

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