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Sustainable shopping is very much the buzzword as we begin this new decade.The startling fact that it takes 10,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans coupled with the backlash against fast fashion means more people than ever are committing to being more careful and #notbuyingnew.

Our Newark Shop Supervisors, Liz Freshney and Julie Day, are practising what they preach, by dressing almost entirely in pre-loved clothes.

Whole movements are springing up connected to the promotion of choosing more wisely. Alongside #veganuary there is growing support for reusing and recycling clothes and household items.

Charity shops are at the forefront of this new more conscious way of thinking. They are increasingly the first choice for anyone wanting things that are #newtothem that will not contribute further to a throwaway society. Like reusable cups and bags the idea of reusable clothing is becoming an attractive one.

Across social media things have really taken off with hashtags such as #notbuyingnew and #pelovedpretties really helping to drive the thought home.

Even London fashion week has embraced vintage shopping and many top brands now include vintage pieces on their websites. Buying something that is #newtoyou and yet still #thrifted is often more exciting than having new. There's the obvious case of being individual but also the thrill of finding the perfect piece is far more satisfying than being able to walk to a rack of identical items and buy one.

#vintageshopping is predicted to grow massively as this decade progresses and charities will hopefully benefit from this growth.

“Buying something that is new to you and yet still thrifted is often more exciting than having new. The thrill of finding the perfect piece is far more satisfying than being able to walk to a rack of identical items and buy one.”

Customers also have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping Beaumond House by buying from the shop.

Julie said: “They know where the money is going. Every penny is well spent.”

Small local charities such as Beaumond House rely totally on the generosity of our community and we are always grateful for all the help we receive , so this year when thinking of that fabulous new outfit or household item it would be great if you could #choosereused and in doing so not only score yourself that beautiful bargain piece but along the way help #beaumondhouse too.


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