My Skydive for Beaumond House - Dave Thorpe

At the age of 63 I had never thought about jumping out of a plane until one night in October when I received a phone call from my daughter saying 'Dad I'm doing a sponsored skydive for Beaumond House'

'Great' I replied, 'How much do you want? her reply was 'nothing I don't want money but I don't want to do it by myself'

*GULP* 'I'm in!'

For the next five months I set about collecting for the jump. March arrived quickly and the jump day loomed.

23 March 2019. Jump day. I had managed to psyche myself up to do it. After arriving at Langar and completing all the admin the time had arrived, we boarded the plane it was then a 15 minute flight with nothing to do but watch the ground vanish, at 14000 ft we levelled out green light. I then saw my daughter dive into nowhere I then took the leap of faith and what a feeling. Absolutely fantastic. Why had I never done this before, its absolute bliss.

Upon landing with a grin stretching from ear to ear I was hooked and planning for my next one.

It was a great experience and I managed to raise £1280 for Beaumond House, I completed my second jump in September and the next is booked for May 2020.

Dave Thorpe

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