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My work experience at Beaumond House

On my weeks of work experience at Beaumond House Community Hospice it really opened my eyes on how challenging it is when working with vulnerable individuals. I first chose to do my work experience at Beaumond House for my hopeful future carer of being a Mental Health Nurse, working in day therapy with the patients it has really showed me how to appreciate every day, when speaking to many of the patients I could see how much of an impact Beaumond House Community Hospice has on their lives, by making friends with other patients and with the staff. The bond that staff and patients have together is unbelievably strong and makes you realise how important it is just to have people by your side when going through tough times.

Beaumond House Is the most welcoming, affectionate and compassionate environment I have ever been in. When finishing my week I know I will miss all the individuals who work here as they have made a difference to my life, they have made me a part of such a wonderful family and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity for a second week again.

Madison Lowdon

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