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How Beaumond House are Filling The Gap

Everyone has been affected by the current COVID-19 crisis and we are all working hard to fill the gap, whether that is working at home for the first time or being temporary homeschoolers! At Beaumond House this is no different. I work in the fundraising department as Corporate and Events Fundraising Officer and we are working on different ways to fill the gap in our income. However its not just fundraising that has been affected by this crisis, the services Beaumond House offers are also being threatened as Nurses and Healthcare Assistants need to self-isolate. So to help fill the gap, I have volunteered to train up as a Healthcare Assistant.

After intense theory training for working in the hospice I was given my first shift to shadow a Healthcare Assistant colleague, and I was nervous! Though I am very familiar with the services Beaumond House provides this was the first time I would be in a caregiving role. After my shift I needed time to reflect, I knew Beaumond House was an amazing place but seeing the care firsthand was powerful. It showed me how truly special and unique the hospice is. The staff care for the patients as if they are their own family; a ‘tailor-made’ approach to meet each patients’ differing needs and wants with compassion, patience and warmth. Speaking with the staff they all remark that they feel privileged to be a part of the patient’s care and to help support their loved ones. A lot of time is spent getting to know each patient and with having four bedrooms it feels like a family, a home from home, a safe haven. Even during these unprecedent times as the country struggles with the current crisis there is positivity and laughter in the hospice, the patient’s care and comfort remains an utter priority. For Beaumond House helping the local community must continue.

I am so proud to be a part of this hospice, but I am a fundraiser with currently very limited means to fundraise. As well as our original outgoings during this time extra costs are being incurred as we must use the correct PPE, changing it at recommended intervals to keep the patients and care team safe. (this will cover it as advice is changing all the time!)

During my 6 hour shift I used aprons, masks, gloves and hand wash and gel. I could see how truly essential it is to have this basic equipment that can help prevent the spread of this indiscriminate virus.

Here is a breakdown of PPE costs to give an idea of the extra costs we are experiencing:

Masks are 31p each

Gloves £2.88/ box

Roll of aprons £8.69

Hand towels £1.44 for hand hygiene

Hand gel £16.66 for a large refill to use in the hospice

Hand gel £2.65 for a small hand gel for H@H staff

Any support would be hugely appreciated, from making a donation, to taking part in a virtual challenge as part of Freestyle15 or setting up a Facebook fundraiser page, to name a few! A key way to provide ongoing and stable support to Beaumond House is by making a regular monthly donation. Just £5 a month will pay for a small hand gel, hand towel and two pairs of gloves.

There are so many ways to get involved with supporting or fundraising the hospice at this vital time. Please visit our social media pages or websit

e for further details and lots of ideas!

Please help me to fill the gap and ensure the vital work of Beaumond House can continue.

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