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Dying Matters Week 2020 - Dying to be Heard

This week is Dying Matters Week 2020 and this years theme of ‘dying to be heard’ encourages us to think about how we might respond to someone raising these issues with us.

During this pandemic many of us will have experienced or thought about issues relating to death and dying.

Each year during Dying Matters week there is a suggested theme to encourage people to plan ahead and talk to their families about their preferences and wishes for end of life.

It’s too easy to dodge that conversation with a joke or a “maybe later.” But we know it’s hard for people to talk about death and the practical aspects of getting ready for it. So when someone wants to talk about death, we owe it to them to be the other half of that conversation. If they want to talk, we need to listen.

You can visit the Dying Matters website here where you can download leaflets on the following subjects:

No.1 - Things to do before you die

No.2 - Supporting bereavement No.3 - Let's talk about dying No.4 - Talking about dying with people affected by dementia No.5 - Talking about dying with children

Our Bereavement Service is available to all families of patients who were known to Beaumond House.

Trysh Williams is providing bereavement support as as a telephone service at a very challenging time for those who are coping with loss.

Please call 01636 610556 if you need Beaumond House Community Hospice care and support or for more information.

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