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Connor's 6000 steps a day walk to fundraise for Beaumond House

Connor Holmes, 6 years old, recently raised a fantastic £850 for Beaumond House smashing his fundraising target of £150! Connor took it upon himself to walk a minimum of 6000 steps a day to support Beaumond House.

Connor's Mum, Zoe tells us why Connor chose to support Beaumond House.

"Connor was watching the news at the end of May and saw people fundraising for the NHS and asked if he could do something to raise money. He said the NHS must have millions and millions in donations now and asked what else he could raise money for. I told him about Beaumond House and that my brother, Carl Wigmore had stayed there many years ago when it first opened. Connor also knows that I have MS and came for a couple of treatment massages with Rosemary a few years ago.

Connor decided that he would like to raise money to help Beaumond House so throughout June he went on a walk of a minimum of 6000 steps every day, no matter what the weather was doing. Connor set a target of £150 for his online fundraiser. That ended at £670 and he also collected cash donations of £180 which made a total of £850".

What a kind, giving young man. Thank you so much Connor and well done!

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