A Christmas message of gratitude..

During a year when we have been discouraged from leaving our homes, from meeting with people, and had to adapt our lives in ways we could never have imagined, my reflections of 2020 are ones mainly of gratitude

  • Gratitude for things that continue to provide joy in our lives such as cooking and enjoying a tasty meal, a walk in the park, time to read an interesting book, and time to pursue a hobby such as gardening

  • Gratitude for technology to enable us to stay connected with our loved ones and with the world, whether that be through programmes on television, or using some type of social media so we can see and hear those precious to us.

  • Gratitude for technology that is enabling people to continue to work in different ways such as working from home or virtual meetings with other charities and businesses so that work can continue

  • Gratitude for the staff and volunteers at the hospice who have worked so hard to continue to provide the care services at such a crucial time. Along with this goes gratitude for the things that keep us safe in our work, hand gel, masks, aprons to name a few.

  • Gratitude for the amazing people and businesses in

The above is a brief list as there are so many things I am grateful for it cannot cover everything. However as we finish the year I am so very grateful for the promise of hope for humanity for 2021 as the vaccine is rolled out and we aspire to achieve increased freedoms in our everyday lives and reconnect with each other to move forward.

Debbie Abrams,

Chief Executive

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