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Beaumond House Covid-19 Update - April

Helping to reduce the risks from Covid-19 in the hospice

Admissions to the hospice

Each patient will be assessed individually, testing and visiting arrangements will be explained so this can be taken into consideration pre admission.

Patients will be asked to be tested pre admission or where an admission is more urgent, to have a test in the hospice.

Information for visitors. A COVID-safe environment.

The Hospice continues to review the latest guidance and practices available to ensure a COVID-safe environment for everyone.

If you are visiting a patient in the hospice please see the guidance below.

All visitors will be asked screening questions and have their temperature checked, prior to entering the hospice and when visiting your loved one we ask you to please stay in the bedroom, staff will escort you to and from the room.

An additional measure to reduce the risk of passing on the virus is the introduction of testing for all visitors to the inpatient unit. Before being able to visit relatives we will ask you to have a test for COVID-19 using a Lateral Flow testing device (LFD) which produces a result within 30 minutes. A test is required at the time of visiting and then every 3 days.

Visits to patients in the in-patient unit

Visiting is restricted to one person for one hour a day. This will be following a negative LFD test and during one of the slots agreed on the day. Visiting is assessed on a day to day basis depending what is happening in the hospice.

Visitors can be different people each day (from an identified bubble of four people). Please can families help us to manage this by relaying this message to their wider family members and friends.

When patients are in the last hours of life we will, wherever possible, support additional visits for family members. In these cases we will discuss with families any requirements necessary to ensure this is done safely. At these times you may be exempt from having a test before visiting. We would also like to support important conversations prior to the final days of life and this can be discussed with the Nurse in Charge on an individual basis.

If a patient has suspected or confirmed COVID-19 visiting is not allowed but would be arranged where a patient is at the end of their life.

Virtual visiting can be offered via a smart phone or iPad.

We appreciate that this is very difficult for patients and their families but these restrictions are in place to protect patients and staff from the consequence of this potentially life threatening virus.

Visitors to all patients

All visitors will be asked to wear the relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout their visit for their own and others safety.

You will be advised on this when you arrive, but everyone will be asked to wear a surgical face mask and gloves.

We acknowledge that these restrictions are severe and we can only apologise for any distress this causes to patients, families and friends.

We must however stress the importance of everyone adhering to these requirements to help us to keep our patients safe and also help protect the staff caring for them.

If you have any concerns, please raise these with Louise Sinclair, Head of Clinical Services.

Additionally, the following restrictions remain in place:

· Anyone with a known underlying health problem that puts them at additional risk, should not come to the Hospice.

· Anyone experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste or smell) or living with anyone with these symptoms must not come to the Hospice.

· Visitors are only allowed to be in the patient's room and must not congregate in any other area of the Hospice.

· All visitors must wash their hands on arrival and/or use the hand gels available on reception and at the entrance to the Hospice.


Thank you

Louise Sinclair, Head of Clinical Services


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