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Become a Regular Giver and make a lasting impact on patients and families

As a charity Beaumond House Hospice Care is committed to providing palliative care to patients and support to their families. 

More than 300 individuals currently give on a regular basis to Beaumond House. This contributes an average of £55,000 (including Gift Aid from UK taxpayers) every year.


This year providing care and support to patients and their families will cost Beaumond House around £2.2million. After statutory funding, around £1.2million of this needs to be raised through donations, our shops, and support from local businesses throughout Newark and Sherwood. 


One of the regular givers is David; David has been making monthly donations to the hospice since September 2020.

This is David’s story.

It all started when my dear wife Christine was admitted to Beaumond House for palliative care when it became apparent that her cancer was not responding to treatment.

The care provided for both Chris and, to me, was amazing, even as far as providing me with a bed to stay with Chris overnight and meals. For the eleven days that Chris was being cared for in Beaumond House, the only time I wasn't with her was when I went home to wash and change.

I donate monthly, as it is an ongoing input into a marvellous institution and an ongoing reminder of my gratitude for all the help.

As for why I continue to support the hospice - how could I not, after all the care they gave Chris and myself?".


Andrea Ward, Individual Giving Fundraising Manager said

"Donations come to us in a variety of ways from a challenge event such as running a marathon or taking part in a skydive to a gift made in memory of a loved one. But it’s the regular donations made every month that help us to plan ahead and keep our vital services running.”


Beaumond House provides compassionate, skilled, professional, personalised nursing care of the highest quality for those with active, progressive, advanced illnesses, both in the hospice and in the community.


With inflation and rising costs, charities like Beaumond House need help to pay for core running costs and a regular stream of income can help with staff and building costs.


We are exceptionally grateful to all that choose to donate to Beaumond House. Without people like you, and the incredible generosity of the local community, we could not continue to provide the care that we do. By donating regularly to Beaumond House, you are enabling the hospice to continue to provide personalised care to terminally-ill patients and support to their families; allowing our local community to live well and die well"


If you are considering becoming a regular giver you will be making an ongoing difference to the lives of the patients and families that we support. If you are able to do so, please consider setting up a standing order and join more than 300 others supporting Beaumond House on a regular basis.’

You can set up a monthly donation here.


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