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Caterers Appreciation Day

This week is Caterers week, which takes place to highlight and celebrate the valuable contributions of individuals and teams involved in providing food services.

Here we say thanks to our wonderful catering team.

“Most of us take eating and drinking for granted. We choose what we wish to eat and enjoy it.  Huge thanks go to you, our catering team who support people who are having difficulty eating and have special diets. It may be a reduced appetite, a change in taste buds or a physical or mechanical barrier to eating.

Every step of the way you listen to what is needed and adapt the catering to each individual diet, and personal need. 

There are many examples where people have been  able to enjoy food because of the special attention you give to what someone likes or can manage to eat.

Thank you for your commitment.”

Louise Sinclair, Chief Executive

The team does a fabulous job adapting to individual patient dietary needs, supporting and encouraging our volunteers, and providing a wide choice of meals and drinks for everyone. Nothing is ever too much trouble from popping to the shop or making a favourite dish. They really are amazing!!

Klair Pollard

Catering and Housekeeping Lead

We have also had some lovely feedback from our patients and their families.


“Thank you to all the wonderful ladies

including the cooks for your loving care.

You can’t do enough and I will not forget

what lovely caring people you are”


 “All staff and volunteers are caring friendly and professional.

I include the kitchen and catering staff too, the meals are class.

Thank you all.”


 “Day Therapy question of the Quarter – Dec 2023:

All 14 patients that completed the questionnaire said there

was an excellent selection of meals and drinks available.”


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