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Day Therapy Poetry - The River, by Chris Towers

Here we share a wonderful poem written by our volunteer poet, with our Day Therapy patients.

Composed for the Wednesday Day Therapy group in April 2024 based on their words in a poetry session at the house in February, 2024.


We also had a lovely wholesome moment whereby a patient recited four verses from her GCSE poem she studied. It unlocked some wonderful memories for the patients.

The River

by Chris Towers


The morning sun lit the river, flooding

the water with light as icicles glistened

with pin head drops dancing, spitting,

upon the surface, cascading ripples

to the earthy banks.


Eels snaked through the olive green

spaghetti of wiry torn reads, tangled,

caught in an undergrowth of greenery,

with loose planks of wood floating

like lost cargo in a rich soup.


Fisherman’s looping lines reached out,

their faces as still as the river as their

maggots fizzed in their metal tin,

rainbow- coloured baits, clustering

together- ready for fish in the deep.


Barges chugged with steam upon the

waters, puffing smoke and splashing,

sploshing washing water into whirlpools

Meanwhile, golden fish swam

around each other, waltzing in water.


Their fins propelling them below

as the plops and pops of rain drops

bounced merrily on the river top

and people made umbrellas

of each other on the tow path.


Chris Towers writes poetry for the hospice but also has his own website, as well a couple of books. Chris is a poet for Sheffield Football Club and writes for the non-league newspaper each month. his books are available here.








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