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Dying Matters Week 2022

Are you #InAGoodPlace to talk about death, dying and grief?

Dying Matters Awareness Week is our chance to open up the conversation around death, dying and grief, remove the stigma that surrounds it and call for meaningful change so that everyone gets the quality end of life care they deserve.

If a person becomes unable to make their wishes known, an Advance Care Plan including Power of Attorney and Advance Statement of Wishes can help care teams, make sure that the care and treatment they provide and the decisions they make are carried out in accordance with your, or your loved ones, wishes. We can help support discussions on future wishes.

You may want to make decisions about what happens after you die, including planning your own funeral. Not everyone wants to do this. But having conversations and planning ahead can help people close to you celebrate your life in a meaningful way.

Things to consider could be planning and paying for the funeral, and who to tell about your specific wishes.

We all want to live as well as possible. If we become unwell, some of our choices about day to day life may become more limited, either for a while or permanently. You may wish to think about the things that matter most to you in your life, so that if you become unwell, the people looking after you will understand what’s important to you.

It’s important that we all know what it means for us and our loved ones to be in a good place to die – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and crucially, with the right care and support in place.

However, we know that right now people are dying without the support they need.

Please feel free to contact Beaumond House on 01636 610556 or email if you or anyone you know, needs our support.

Find out more about Dying Matters Week.

We are running a free will promotion during May. To find out more, please click the image below.


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