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Our Patient's Perspective... the Impact of Beaumond House Day Therapy, by Bobby Morton - Health Care Assistant

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with some of the patients who come to the hospice for Day Therapy to discuss their experiences and emotions regarding Beaumond House.


It was a wonderful way to spend two hours and we only stopped to have lunch. Having a life-limiting diagnosis can be overwhelming and can affect how people see you. They all felt that coming to Day Therapy helped them be a “normal” person; be themselves and not just someone who is ill.


They talked about friendship, companionship, support, and love and discussed how much it meant to spend time with people who understand what you are going through, and how you can feel isolated and lonely, even when you are surrounded by family and friends.


The Day Therapy group provides them with support, love, and compassion. A place that allows them to be honest with their words and feelings. Beaumond House to them is a safe place.


The Day Therapy sessions help many of the patients to have time out of the house. They talked about what a lifeline Beaumond House is to them. Those who live with family discussed how they feel they are giving their family a break by attending Day Therapy sessions and how their families are reassured knowing that they are in a safe environment, allowing them to relax without worrying about them.


For many of the patients, their diagnosis can mean that interactions with people can often be clinically focused. While nursing care is available at Beaumond House, the environment is far from clinical. The patients talked about the time given to them by staff and the confidence they have knowing they will be heard and that something will get done.


Day Therapy gives people a chance to talk or not talk. To take part in activities but also knowing that they can choose not to. It is a place where they can use their brains with quizzes and games. Socialise, laugh, and cry. They put in and take out, without judgment.


It was wonderful to listen to the group talk so positively, with such love and affection for Beaumond House. To watch them as they listened to each other and supported each other when it was difficult, to talk and to hear them laugh together.


Their advice to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the idea of attending Day Therapy at Beaumond House is please don’t be put off by the words ‘therapy’ and ‘hospice’. It is a place to come to live and enjoy life. If you want to find friendship, support, and kindness, don’t hesitate to contact Beaumond House and join in the fun.

Bobby Morton, Health Care Assistant at Beaumond House Hospice Care




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