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Shining a Spotlight on... Tracy Drakes, Health Care Assistant

“What I’ve learnt is that things change in a heartbeat and I love being able to make a tiny bit of difference to people’s lives.”

Tracy Drakes is passionate about her job. She’s a health care assistant at Beaumond House Hospice but seven years ago she was in a very different role.

“I was a transport clerk at a road haulage firm dealing with stroppy lorry drivers!”

But when her dad became ill and she asked carers to help, she realised the impact they had. “They made such a difference to his life just by visiting for an hour a day”.

So when Tracy saw an advert for a health care assistant role, she went for it. “I didn’t even know if I could do it” she admits. “Caring for someone’s one thing but the personal stuff filled me with horror!”

As it turns out, she could do it straight away. Tracy joined Beaumond House Hospice three years ago and has thrown herself into her role. “Every patient’s situation and condition is different which means no two days are ever the same.”

As well as working her usual shifts at Beaumond House, Tracy also does night sits. “You go to the patient’s house, usually to give their family a break overnight. I sit with them, carry out hourly checks and often chat to family members, some people want to talk.”

Tracy says what Beaumond House Hospice provides is immensely important, “ we’re so lucky to have somewhere like this in Newark.”



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