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Spotlight on Anna-Marie

I was born into the army and until I reached my mid twenties, army life was all I knew However, my life changed and I not only wanted a change I wanted to have a career in helping others. Originally I wanted to go into social work but after being naughty I skipped a lesson and sat in a biology class and it just fascinated me and that was where my journey and passion for nursing began.

I began as an acute nurse on the wards, I later moved over to Lancashire and worked for a private hospital specialising in cosmetic surgery and again life changed and I moved back home,

I was a Hospice at Home nurse for another hospice but travelled many miles and when this job came up for Beaumond House I thought I’d give it a go with it only being on my door step,

After working on wards and in the private sector I wanted a complete change and it has been the greatest decision I have ever made,

Being a nurse at Beaumond House isn’t just a job it is an honour! I feel so proud and privileged to do what we do. As soon as anyone enters our doors we instantly wrap them and their loved ones up with love.

Having lost my Dad and best friend within three months two years ago, I really struggled. I didn’t think I could return to work and do what we do but with the amazing support from my team I came back and I am so happy I did.

I feel as though I can give so much more now as I’ve have been in their shoes.

At Beaumond house we ensure that everyone is treated as an individual we strive to give them the best, we build bonds and provide a safe, calm and special place for those on their final journey.

We give so much. We laugh, we share stories and at times, we share tears, but that’s what makes us so special. Whenever I am caring for someone in their last hours, I ask that they close their eyes and I tell them “to think happy thoughts because as Peter Pan said you’ve got to think happy thoughts to be able to fly and find that happy place”

I am not just a nurse; I am a daughter, a sister and a mum. and our patients are not just patients; they are someone to someone and we care for them as our own.

I love my job, my team and everything we stand for, I wear my uniform with pride and everyday I feel absolutely honoured to do what we do.

Beaumond House is Home


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