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Spotlight on Jo, Events & Community Fundraiser

You may already know me through my role as bank cook in the house or as a sales assistant at Beaumond Cross shop and donation centre, but I now have a new cap to wear as the Community and Events Fundraiser at Beaumond House.


Newark born and raised, my story starts at Bridge Service Station on Lincoln Road, my parents, Ron and Mary Wilson’s business until the mid-70’s.


During my years at Magdalene High School, I was lucky to be one of the students chosen to join the school’s Hovercraft Club. I competed with the school craft for two years. This sparked my interest and for Christmas 1984 I got a Yamaha RD250 motor bike. On Boxing Day, my father and I took the engine out and cut the gearbox off so that it could be installed into my very own craft.

This was the start of my competitive racing. My dad and I travelled around the UK and Europe, and even visited the USA to compete in the World Championships in 1989. Although I no longer race, I am still actively involved with the club now.


During my later teenage years my parents owned a pub, The Brownlow Arms at High Marnham. This inspired my love for catering, and it was during this time that I decided that becoming a chef would be the career for me.


Catering took me around the country, but I eventually came back to Newark and worked at a few establishments including The Moon at Morton, The Lord Nelson at Winthorpe and Le Gourmet in Newark.

My life changed significantly when I married, and my husband and I went to live in Zambia with his job in tropical agriculture. Over the next 13 years we moved to different plantations in Uganda, Nigeria, PNG and Kenya.


Upon moving back to the UK, I went back to hospitality with stints in retail and customer service. My final role before joining Beaumond House was at Belton House, where I was the Food & Beverage Manager. Whilst varied, my career has taken me to some amazing places.


What else can I tell you about me? Apart from being competitive and driven I’m very personable, I love people, I’m outgoing with a positive can-do attitude and I’m extremely bubbly. These are all qualities which I’m told will be very much needed in my new role


Event planning is a huge passion of mine and I’m looking forward to putting my personal touch on the fundraising events that the hospice puts on each year. I’m equally as passionate about the local community, and I’d love any opportunity to promote the fantastic services that the hospice provides.


If you would like to chat about any of the Beaumond House events or you are thinking of holding your own event to fundraise for the hospice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach me via email or on the phone 01636 610556.



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