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The Minster School, Southwell, raise £2763.18 for Beaumond House

Students at the Minster School, Southwell took part in the Young Enterprise 10X Challenge and raised an amazing £2763.18 for Beaumond House!

The students worked in teams and were given £10 each at the start of the challenge. They were asked to come up with a product or service they could start with only the £10 investment and make as much profit as possible over four weeks.

The winning team this year planned and delivered a concert at All Hallows Church in Gedling and they also created and sold products such as key rings and candles. Other teams involved in the competition made and sold products such as lavender bags, personalised cups and terrariums and provided services such as car washing and dog walking.

The students voted for the charity they’d like to donate the money to from a list of local charities.

Thank you all so much.


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