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Volunteer Spotlight... Richard

This week is Volunteer's Week - a chance to thank and celebrate our wonderful volunteers.

Here we shine the spotlight on Richard, who volunteers at our Beaumond Cross shop.

Volunteer Profile

Richard Higgins [22]

Beaumond Cross Shop


Why do You Volunteer?

Volunteering makes you feel good – it makes me feel good.  I love helping other people.  It’s a good opportunity and it will teach you a lot.  Also, if you have problems then people will always help you sort them out.


What’s the Secret of Being a Successful Shop Volunteer?

It’s all about talking to people.  If you talk to them nicely and with respect they keep coming back.  They’ll also buy more!


Why Did You Choose Beaumond House?

I volunteered at different shops before deciding to come to Beaumond House, but this is the most enjoyable shop that I’ve worked in. They’ve taught me such a lot, and I’m getting to help other people make their lives better.

Thank you so much Richard.


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