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In Loving Memory of Guy Downing

My Dad, my hero, you are the man I loved and adored, you taught me so much and I honestly thought you would be there for me for the whole of my life.  To me you were an amazing, intelligent, funny, a lovely gentleman.   I affectionately named you “Google” as you had an ability to answer any question on anything and everything.  

Dad I treasured being in your company.  I have such fond memories of us sitting in your beautiful garden putting the world to rights over a glass or two of wine.  You loved being sociable and especially a good party.  I remember my birthday party back in April 2012, you were so poorly but said you would come for an hour, if you could and you did.  You were in your element and loved the party so much you stayed for a good 2 hours before you had to admit defeat and go back home.  I was so proud of you that night for your determination but I knew, sadly, it would be our last social outing together.

My Dad’s wish was to die at home and his wish was granted with the help of the Beaumond House Hospice at Home team.   

On 1st November 2012 I had the phone call that I had been dreading it was at around 6.00 am, my Dad wanted to see me as soon as possible.  As I approached my parents house, my childhood home, I was shaking with fear, but I went to see him and I sat and held his hand as we said our goodbyes.  By mid morning my Mum who solely cared for Dad agreed that we should call Beaumond House for a potential night sit.  Mum had been amazing in the way that she had so lovingly cared for dad.  She hadn’t slept for 3 days and 3 nights as she wanted to be there for my Dad throughout.  By lunchtime an RN and Health Care Assistant had arrived to assess for the night sit, unfortunately at this point things had changed and Dad had deteriorated rapidly.  The Hospice at Home team knew this and calmly helped settle Dad and support us, they asked if we wanted them to stay, which we did.  They helped alleviate any fears we all had, whilst leaving us alone with Dad to have precious time too.  

Dad took his final breath with his family around him in the comfort of his own home, just how he wanted it to be.  It was extremely peaceful and the Hospice at Home Team were incredibly respectful. 

My on-going support is my way of saying thank you for the support Beaumond House gave my Mum and I whilst caring for my Dad and it is a wonderful way to remember my wonderful Dad. 

In loving memory of my Dad, Guy Downing 1944 to 2012

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