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Promotional Offer - Tallents Solicitors

Leaving us a gift in your Will could help bring forward the day when we can achieve our dream...

Most of us will want to look back over our lives and feel that we have made a difference to the world we have lived in and will not want to be forgotten. We will also want to make sure those who are closest to us know how much they have meant to us. One way we do this is by leaving gifts in our Wills.

During June 2018, if you make an appointment to write your will at Tallents, Newark, in return for a donation to Beaumond House, Tallents will write you a simple will or two simple mirror wills. To book an appointment please call Sarah Allen at Tallents on 01636 671881 or email Sarah here.

You can read our brochure here which may give just a small insight into the difference that your support helps us to make. Please get in touch if you would like to find out any more about how a gift in your Will can help those who are supported by Beaumond House. For further details please contact Cathy Lowe on 01636 610556 or email Cathy here.

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