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Thanksgiving Poem

We would like to share with you a wonderful Thanksgiving poem, written by Sue Clarke, a Healthcare Assistant here at Beaumond House.

Before 1987, Beaumond House was someone's home

filled with love, hope & laughter

and doubtless a dog with a bone!

So, in keeping with the tradition

we've become the place we now are

the custom of care and compassion

is what we use to position the bar.

We're here to give thanks for our blessings

and Beaumond House has had quite a few

the list is long, so let's begin

and bring all that we can into view.

Volunteers are first on the agenda

as their work keeps turning the cogs

the stuff that happens behind the scenes

is what stops the machine getting clogged!

So, for them we'd like to say thank you

you're the Trojans that work quietly

you're good at oiling the engine

and a pleasant reinforcement to see!

We're all grateful for the refurbishments

for the new flooring, new blinds & chairs

the signposts on the doors & reception

so new-comers know who, what and where!

Our new furniture was very welcome

it looks great & cleaning's much easier

the domestics work-in their magic

& the place looks brighter & breezier!

So, a 'thank you' for all those who clean us

to you, who make us glisten and shine

no matter where in the building

Beaumond House looks & smells mighty fine.

And let us not forget the new washing machine

and the all-dancing-all-singing drier

we're grateful for the chance to do laundry

and glad that the machine isn't higher!

The kitchen of course, does its own magic

we are grateful for this and give thanks

with talented cooks in the kitchen

we're on a par with the best cooks in France!

The meal choices are new every morning

the menus themselves often changed

a fresh fruit smoothie on offer each day

and options that can be re-arranged.

The kitchen is getting new helpers

we're grateful for their work and good will

and we're glad of the recent herb garden

to provide marjoram, thyme, mace and dill.

The staff have all got new badges;

"Hello, my name is..." says the phrase

this means we're professionally friendly

and with whom it's quite nice to liaise

Our aim is to one day be paperless

and started Phase 1 this New Year

Phase 2 will finish in September

when we'll all be up to speed & in gear!

We had a new sluice before Christmas

helping carers and cleaners the same

we're grateful for having a separate room

where waste can be thrown without shame!

Now let us move on to the wet room

a bathroom that's spacious and large

the patients enjoy their shower in there

& it's just the right size for a barge!

Wellingtons could be a solution

or maybe waders that fishermen wear

a paddle would come in quite handy

and a rudder with which to steer!

The MacMillan Quality Environment Mark

was awarded to Beaumond House this year

which means for those who come to this home

they really do enjoy being here!

So, for this we'd like to say thank you

not everyone has won this award

so, thanks for everyone's contribution

for making us look like a "peaceful fjord".

Our fundraising team just work marvels

they arrange our resourceful events

the list is really exceptionally long

often involving marquees and big tents.

In August the Upton Summer BBQ & Race

where Doncaster's will supply meats

the BBQ tent will be crowded of course

as people enjoy delicious food treats.

We've partnered with Talents Solicitors

who'll donate for each "will" they write

the donation is gradually growing in size

£3,000 pounds is nearly in sight!

Waitrose is running a Green Token Scheme

and three charities are in the race

the charities get to share £1,000 pounds

but most goes to whoever's in first place!

(vote for us with your green token!)

At Newark Showground in October

is our "Light the Night" Glow Run,

Running in the dark with glow sticks

will provide much family fun.

Newark Castle & Southwell Minster

in December will beacon their lights

a "Light-up-a Life" donation appeal

& in a memorial service unite.

The list is too long to keep going

but for all, we want to give thanks

without generous hearts and good ideas

we'd struggle to shore-up our banks.

We don't want to miss any "one" or "thing" out

not nurses, IT, or indeed carers

nor admin, drivers, or Hospice at Home,

not reception or HR - we're all sharers!

The Beaumond House Team just want to say thanks

to all who have brought about good

this place works best when united we stand

in this Newark on Trent neighborhood.

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