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Beaumond House overwhelmed by the support of the local community

Beaumond House say they are very grateful for the support shown by the local community in response to their recent Fill the Gap campaign; funds raised through the campaign have ensured the hospice can continue in their provision of vital palliative care services to the community. The campaign raised over £90,000. The Be Bright Blue campaign was held in the second week of June and was also well supported, raising nearly £1500.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, the hospice is reaching those who need them through providing in-patient care and hospice at home for patients needing symptom control, extra care during the palliative phase, carer support and end of life care. They are providing telephone support to those who usually attend day therapy with advice and a friendly chat about how they are coping.

Tracy Drakes, a Health Care Assistant for Beaumond House gives her account on working at Beaumond House.

“I’m fortunate to be able to work in house and in the community. I’m also very grateful that my job allows me to still work! It’s been a tough time for all with some of our team having to shield and others furloughed.

The extra PPE kit that we wear can feel so impersonal and scary to our patients, but it has to be done for all of our safety & wellbeing. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve all adapted in the corona times. In the community, having to get gowned up from the boot of your car could have been a lot worse but the weather has been kind so something to be thankful for! My heart breaks that our inpatients can’t have visitors like before, but we have found other ways to keep in touch. Yesterday I was witness to a family wave from Lime Grove to their loved one. In house staff moved the bed to the window so they could see each other and talk on the phone, wave, blow kisses, pretend to hug, truly tear jerking, I’m filling up now just thinking about it.

Wearing the extra kit makes you appreciate what our hospital staff must feel after a long shift in full gear, at least we get a break out of kit. Despite all of the challenges I’m so happy to do that I do. There are always smiles, laughs and such love in amongst the sadness & heartbreak. BH truly has the most amazing team. Caring is not difficult; I just imagine that each patient is my Mum or my Dad”

Being many weeks into the pandemic, Beaumond House have adapted their care to continue to meet the needs of the local population with palliative care needs. The hospice needs your continued support to continue these vital services.

Here are some words from families currently receiving hospice at home support.

Graham says “My father is being cared for by the wonderful Beaumond House Hospice at Home Team. I don’t live in the area so I would be completely floundering without them. The ladies are so pleasant, helpful and do a splendid job. We have been offered extra help at various time should we need it.

We had hoped my father would end up at Beaumond House but as he deteriorated too quickly, we were offered the support and care of the hospice at home team.

The nurses have all been so friendly and kind and I cannot think of a single negative thing to say; thank you Beaumond House”.

Emily says “When the GP said that my Dad was not recuperating very well, we were introduced to Beaumond House; the patient care team were fantastic from the moment we met them.

The Hospice at Home team are amazing and its clear they love what they do. My father is 92 and is very independent so he is in the driving seat,m but the wonderful nurses have taught him that its ok to accept help. We did not know the support was available so it is amazing that he can be in his home as he wished. The care provides him with dignity and allows me to be a daughter, not a carer.

We are so grateful to Beaumond House; they really take the pressure off and provide a layer of confidence when things feel overwhelming; they diffuse that and are a real comfort.

They are such an asset to the town and community and we cannot sing their praises highly enough”

Fundraising and marketing manager Cathy Lowe said “it costs more than £1m to run our services and Beaumond House needs to raise £640,000 this year from the local community. The hospice is still looking at a serious shortfall in funding this year, so we really need the continued and very much valued support of the community”

It is hoped that the hospice’s charity shops will begin to open at the beginning of July.

Gary White, shop manager says “As a critical income stream for Beaumond House it is really important that we get our three shops back up and running as quickly as possible. We are currently working on modifications within the shops to ensure we have measures in place to keep everyone safe when we are ready to re-open. We are working to a phased re-opening plan which we expect to start at the beginning of July”

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