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Laura's story...

On 27th December 2022 we were given the devasating news that my Mum (Sue) had pancreatic cancer.

At this point, we didn’t know the full extent of her illness. Within two weeks, mum’s health had declined dramatically and we reached out to Beaumond House for advice and guidance. We didn’t know who to turn to.

Within days, Elaine had been out to see Mum at home and began to put a care plan in place for her and us as a family. Initially we were going to care for Mum at home but after a week in Kings Mill, we realised we couldn’t. Elaine and her team were with us every step of the way and thankfully a room became available and we were able to move mum into the Blue Room on 28th January. Sadly, mum passed away in Beaumond House on 24th March 2023.

Staff were simply amazing! Right from the Hospice at Home team visiting us at home to all staff involved in Mum’s care while she stayed there. Nothing was ever kept from us and no question seemed too silly to ask. I know that staff were of such comfort to mum, especially at night time, they sat with her, listening to her concerns and worries, talking to her and sharing their lives with her. Despite mum not having an appetite, nothing was too much for the kitchen staff. They would ‘rustle’ something up for her, no matter what time of day.

Mum’s personal care was amazing and when she was ‘not up to’ much, staff always ensured she was clean, her hair brushed and teeth cleaned. This was really important to mum as she was a very proud person. Mum could not have been better cared for. She was treated with such care, kindness, dignity and love. As were we all.

Beaumond House was a home from home. And even now, visiting is like ‘coming home’. It is simply not possible to describe the feel you get from Beaumond House.

Beaumond House saved us! It gave mum a safe place to just ‘be’. A place where we could come each day as a family and spend time together. We will be forever grateful to have had that time with mum. Sharing such a sad but special journey.

Myself and my dad have now become volunteers, we just want to be able to give a little something back as a ‘Thank you’ for the support we received.

Buying a “Forever Feather” in memory of someone you’ve loved and lost is another way to show your support to such a vital charity within our community.

Words cannot express the difference mum being able to go to Beaumond House made to us all. We would have simply been lost. We will be forever grateful and thankful. You are all angels!!!

You can purchase your Forever Feather here.


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