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Thank you to Kim, our Gardening Volunteer

Kim began volunteering with Beaumond House after her Mum was admitted to the hospice with terminal cancer in 2019. As she works on the grounds of the house she often looks up at the window where her Mum was. ‘It brings me comfort and recalls many happy memories,’ remarks Kim.

Kim is very clear on the benefits of open space for patients, visitors and staff alike.

"Being in the fresh air gives you time to think and reflect. Nature is around you, birds are around you, plants are around you. The physical side of gardening really helps me, which also makes my work and volunteering here so pleasurable!"

As a child Kim spent all the time she could in the garden, picking up knowledge and tips from her Dad.Now she is applying her knowledge and enthusiasm to the grounds at the hospice, has already lined up partner Darryl to join her, and is looking forward to working with other volunteers at Beaumond House.

"We’re like cogs who make the organisation work, says Kim. We all do something different but together we make great things happen."


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