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Thank you to Olivia, one of our Amazing Hospice Heroes

This weekend, were honoured to present a certificate and bear to Olivia one of our amazing Hospice Heroes.

Olivia, aged 8 from Balderton has recently raised over £2020 for Beaumond House by being a Hospice Hero. This is an outstanding achievement and we are so very grateful.

Olivia was inspired to be a hospice hero after her Nana, Maureen, was cared for by Beaumond House. Olivia’s Mum & Dad, Louise & Lee suggested that she did 100 sums or 100 spellings but Olivia was determined that she wanted to take on a bigger challenge in memory of her Nana and decided to swim 100 lengths of a 17-metre pool!

Olivia was unfortunately diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a year ago, putting this challenge on a much bigger scale. The plan was for Olivia to swim a few lengths at a time after her swimming lessons, but she did much better than that and did the whole challenge in one go! This resulted in a double achievement for Olivia as she also gained her 1500 metre swimming badge from her swim school at the same time.

Louise says “Olivia wanted to be a Hospice Hero in memory of her Nana (my Mum) who was looked after so well by the team at Beaumond House. Our family and friends know how much Beaumond House helped not only my Mum, but also us as a family.

We never expected to raise such a huge amount, we are so very proud of Olivia for doing this and we know her Nana would be extremely proud of her achievement.

We are also very grateful to everyone who donated.

Beaumond House offered such amazing care and support to our family at such a difficult time in our lives. We are pleased that we could raise such a big amount of money for this well deserving charity".

Olivia’s page is still open to anyone who may wish to make a donation

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