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Volunteer Spotlight... Jennifer

This week is Volunteer's Week - a chance to thank and celebrate our wonderful volunteers.

Here we shine the spotlight on Jennifer, who volunteers at our Teapot Group & Day Therapy.


What Made You Volunteer with Beaumond House?

I began volunteering with Beaumond House last year mainly because I wanted to help people.  I like being able to sit and listen to others, to talk with them and hopefully make a small difference to someone’s life in the end.


What Do You Get From Volunteering?

It makes me feel good, it makes me happy.  There’s a real  satisfaction in knowing I’ve done my bit.   I think of myself as a people’s person, helping others to open up about themselves.  The fact that I’ve been through things myself helps me to listen to others and talk things through. talk them through with others.


How Have You Found Volunteering at Beaumond House?“I just love Beaumond House.  It’s got such a nice feel about it and coming here makes me smile. People often talk about a hospice as a sad place, but it really isn’t. I love coming to volunteer.


What Would You Say to Anyone Who is Thinking about Volunteering?

Definitely do it! Just go for it.  It’s rewarding and you’ll get so much out of it.  It’s giving people an hour of your time in a way that will really be helping them out.

Thank you so much Jennifer.


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