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Why I volunteer for Beaumond House

In January 2021, my husband and I relocated to the Newark area after living in Scotland for eighteen years. I had also recently retired after many years working as a Social Worker/ Senior Practitioner in various roles.

I found the freedom of retirement wonderful, but also wanted to do give something back to the community.

In June 2021, I contacted Beaumond House to enquire about volunteering. From my first initial contact I found the staff to be approachable, helpful and welcoming. I proceeded with my application to become a volunteer, and at present I volunteer every Wednesday, covering reception. I love it!

Beaumond House is a very special place, led by amazing, dedicated staff. The thing I have valued the most since starting at Beaumond House, is that I have felt accepted and valued in my volunteering role.

I would highly recommend you getting in touch with someone at Beaumond House if you are considering becoming a volunteer.

Find out more about volunteering here


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