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Dignity Action Day

Dignity Action Day #DAD2023 is an annual opportunity for health and social care workers, and members of the public to uphold people's rights to dignity and provide a truly memorable day for people who use care services.

Below are some quotes/snippets from Beaumond House Day Therapy Patients, Volunteers and Staff with regards to what dignity means to them:

Volunteer ‘ Dignity for me means two-way respect, you give respect, and you receive respect.’

Patient ‘ Dignity is treating people as normal’.

Patient ‘Treat everyone the same. Workers, volunteers, and patients

Patient ‘ Consideration for other people’

Patient ‘Compassion’

Member of staff ‘ Value the human being and treat them as you would everyone else’.

Patient ‘ Not isolating others and judging people’.

Patient ‘ Dignity is respect for an individual’s wishes.’

Volunteer ‘ Dignity and respect work both ways’

Volunteer ‘treating me for what I need and my personal requirements. Individual needs.’

Member of staff ‘ To honour patient’s wishes. Ask patients if they need help and how much. If doing personal care, make sure the patient feels comfortable and is always covered if possible.’

Member of staff ‘Listening and taking your time to listen to patients who need longer to vocalise what they need to say.’

My thoughts (Becky Andrews - Wellbeing Lead) ‘Dignity to me means providing care that both supports and encourages the self-respect of the patient. To promote their independence where possible, but recognising their capacities and limitations without undermining the patient.’


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