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8th -14th May 2023 is Dying Matters Awareness Week; an opportunity to open up conversations around death and dying.
The theme this year is talking about death, dying and grief in the workplace


Stigma around grieving and a lack of understanding about what it means to be ill mean that too many of us are struggling to cope when faced with life’s inevitable challenges. 

The workplace is no exception. 57% of employees will have experienced a bereavement in the last five years and every day, more than 600 people quit work to look after older and disabled relatives. 


Yet, fewer than one in five managers feel very confident supporting someone they manage with a bereavement.

We spend so much of our lives at work and we shouldn’t have to hide our experiences of death and dying from our colleagues, peers, bosses

You can find out more here.


#DyingMattersAwarenessWeek is a chance for people to get talking in whatever way, shape or form works for them.

Join us on our socials @beaumondhouse throughout the week, where we will be sharing posts each day around Dying Matters and death, dying and grief in the workplace.

Why not join the conversation?


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