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Marian, by Les

Marian was determined to look on the bright side even when I didn’t think there was one. Misdiagnosed for years, when told she might only have a few months to live, her response was, “we’ve got a lot to fit in then!” And we did just that. We got a boat, until it proved too much. Swapped it for a new car which we eventually traded in for a disability van big enough for her electric scooter and walking aids.

Then other changes were needed. The bathroom was upgraded to support Marian’s increasing needs. Then the bed. We had a stairlift fitted but gradually Marian started to lose her mobility. In February she had another fall which left her bedbound but her positivity didn’t falter.

Over the past few years Marian’s life was dictated by hospital visits, oncology treatments, spinal surgery and medication. Her final months were different though. She was cared for at home by the wonderful team at Beaumond House. Their Hospice at Home service meant she could be looked after in familiar surroundings. Nurses, occupational therapists and the palliative team cared for Marian with so much dignity which was no easy feat as she couldn’t do anything for herself. They even managed to give me a bit of training!

Marian knew the end was imminent. She didn’t want anyone to be sad. She didn’t like funerals and gave me strict instructions to say something funny at hers. No pressure then! Her final instructions were to hold a garden party at home to raise funds for Beaumond House and to send her ashes skyward in a rocket, a purple rocket, of course, because that was her favourite colour. As usual, Marian has the last word!


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