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Our Spring Raffle Winners!

Pete and Jackie Vale of Birmingham were the lucky winners of £1,000 in Beaumond House's Spring Raffle.

The couple both purchased raffle tickets after receiving the Beaumond House newsletter in the post. Pete's Mum, Joan, was supported by Beaumond House at the end of her life in 2013.

The couple have stayed in touch with the hospice since that time.

Pete and Jackie entered the raffle, as they felt that it enabled them to give something back and support the work of the Hospice.

They were thrilled to receive a call from the Fundraising team following the draw on Friday, 31st March. It came at an emotional time for the couple, just a couple of days before a consultant's appointment to discover the results of scans connected to Pete's bowel cancer diagnosis two years ago.

Thankfully, the results were good and he would like to encourage everyone who receives a routine test kit in the post not to ignore it, as Pete would have been completely unaware of his illness without this test.


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