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Wish List

So that we can continue to be here for you, as part of our campaign, we have identified some areas which really do need the support of our local communities.

Each month, we will focus on a different aspect of our service that is vital to our hospice and the care that we provide.

Thank you for Keeping Our Hospice in Your Heart.


Four Day therapy patients to have lunch, snacks, refreshments for one week.

As we look at opening our day therapy service post pandemic we will be welcoming small groups of patients back to the hospice.

This donation would provide the funding for the purchase, preparation, cooking and serving of lunches, snacks and refreshments for one week.

We provide ourselves on using fresh ingredients for home cooking and tailor the meals to patients preferences and individual dietary requirements.


dining room 2.jpg

Dining Table and Chairs

We would love to upgrade our seating and tables in our dining area.

Meeting infection control standards, comfort and ease of getting in and out of the chair is all important for us to consider.

Donations for this appeal would help upgrade our existing tables and chairs, better meeting the needs of patients.

If you can help with the donation of a table and chairs, please call us on 01636 610556. If you would like to make a donation towards this, please click below.

Personalised care for you and your family when every moment matters.​

Outstanding hospice care, enabling our local communities to live well and die well.

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