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Spotlight on... Hayley Wylie-Deacon, Complementary Therapist

When Hayley saw the advertisement for a Complementary Therapist at Beaumond House, she suddenly knew this was the job she was always meant to do.

“I just knew I had to get this job. So much so I couldn’t risk sending the application by post, I had to deliver it by hand to make sure they received it!”

Hayley’s career has been diverse. She’s worked with professional footballers, at GP surgeries and schools. While she has always liked her job, she says she’s never been as fulfilled as she is now at Beaumond House.

“I feel as though I’m achieving something worthwhile. I love coming to work and I feel so privileged to work with such great group of people.”

Hayley works from a beautiful cabin set in the grounds of Beaumond House. She comes in three days a week, but they’re not set in stone, instead she works around her clients’ needs. It’s a mini spa that provides so much more than traditional beauty treatments.

Through reiki, reflexology, crystal healing and massage, Hayley aims to bring about a positive change in those she treats, whether they’re day patients, in-patients, staff or volunteers. She also provides another important service.

“After treatment, some of my clients want to chat. It’s almost like the massage or treatment opens them up. So I listen, it’s all part of my job.”

Maureen is bank housekeeper and volunteers in day care at Beaumond House.

“I’ve been for four massages, and they really keep me going. Hayley’s a real asset, patients love coming here, as do staff and carers.”

Hayley has only worked at Beaumond House since July but in just a matter of weeks she says it felt as though she’d always worked here.

“The staff are so loving and caring; they all give more than a hundred percent.”

As does Hayley and her hands-on approach clearly makes a huge difference to the way her clients feel.

“Recently a patient said she wished she could meet my mum to thank her for making someone so lovely. Isn’t that amazing feedback?”


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