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Syringe Driver Appeal - Thank You

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Beaumond House has received donations totalling £2071, which has exceeded the amount that we initially requested in our recent appeal for two new Syringe Drivers.

Our starting point was £1,000 from a grant making trust which has been enhanced by your fantastic response. Added to this, we have had a further pledge of £1,111 that will purchase a third unit and its case outright. One-unit costs £1017 and £94 for its lockable case.

Whilst the initial appeal on social media was to replace two Syringe Drivers, there is a pressing requirement to change all of four of these devices over the coming months. Any further donations made to this appeal will be restricted to buying a fourth driver and to fund their necessary maintenance.

This equipment is going to provide patients with the newest technology to safely deliver their medication by Beaumond House carefully trained nurses.

Their dedication is assured thanks to you for providing them with the means to provide this essential care.


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