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The Department of Chemistry was established in 1993. It offers programs leading to B. Sc. (Chemistry) & M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) degrees. The students pursuing this course would get develop in depth understanding of various aspects of chemistry and better opportunities in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Savitribai Phule Pune University (BCUD & ASPIRE) and University Grants Commission (UGC) Grants are received for major/ minor research projects. Department of Chemistry is well known in the college for its teaching and research activities. Department of chemistry adapts new teaching methods with educational CD and power point presentations internet facility. Department also organizes student enrichment programs with special lectures/ workshops/ seminars with eminent academicians and experts. Students carry out research work for projects, write review articles and give seminars online/offline on recent topics in chemistry and basic sciences. Based on students interest towards research and the availability of high end instruments in the department (UV-Vis, FTIR, GC and HPLC) PG students select project topics. This project work explores their knowledge and gives opportunities to interact with the outside world in various national and international conferences and workshops. The credit system to be implemented through this curriculum would allow students to develop a strong footing in the fundamentals and specialize in the disciplines of his/her liking.

Class Strength

Year 2016-2017
F.Y.B.A Boys 50 Girls 52 Total 102
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 35 Girls 40 Total 75
T.Y.B.Sc Boys 20 Girls 20 Total 40
Total 217
Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A Boys 80 Girls 60 Total 140
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 50 Girls 30 Total 80
T.Y.B.Sc Boys 25 Girls 20 Total 45
Total 265 Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A Boys 70 Girls 42 Total 112
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 40 Girls 20 Total 60
T.Y.B.Sc Boys 20 Girls 10 Total 30
Total 212 Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.A Boys 60 Girls 30 Total 90
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 30 Girls 15 Total 45
T.Y.B.Sc Boys 22 Girls 08 Total 30
Total 165 Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.A Boys 45 Girls 42 Total 87
S.Y.B.Sc Boys 35 Girls 20 Total 55
T.Y.B.Sc Boys 25 Girls 10 Total 35
Total 177

Student Achievers

Year 2015-2016 F.Y.B.A
Nagnath Kharat


- From last two years M. Sc. II Analytical Chemistry Department secured ‘100% passing Result’. - First year students Prathmesh Kadam, Pratiksha Jadhav, Shivani Suryawanshi & Saurabh Jadhav got selected in ‘Avishkar 2019-2020’ research poster competition organized by SPP University. - Mr. Samadhan Pawar, Mr. Anay Patil and Dr. Vikram Pandit attended a ‘Summer Research Training Programme’ organized by CSIR-Joharat, Assam Aug-Sept 2020. - Industrial visit organized by department for students at ‘Schimatzu’ lab limited-Mumbai and ‘C-MET’ Pune a National Research Institute with all teachers, Jan-2019. - Students attended an ‘International workshop on water purification, Prathmesh Kadam, Pratiksha Jadhav, Shivani Suryawanshi & Saurabh Jadhav at CMET Pune, 16 Nov 2019. - Miss. Shivani Suryawanshi M. Sc. part- II student, ‘published a Research paper’ on PG research project in International peer reviewed Journal, ‘Journal of Materials Research 2019-2020’. - Every year department organizes workshop on ‘Handling of high end instruments UV, FTIR, GC and HPLC 2020’. Over 200 students from all over the Maharashtra have participated. - Departmental teachers participated in ‘Teachers training programme on Instrumentation Jan 2020’ organized by RKM College Akurdi, Pune. - Teachers actively participated in formation of ‘Online study materials’ and posted on Savitribai Phule Pune University Website, 2020. - Department teachers actively participated and recorded many video lectures for chemistry subject in ‘Learning Management Services,’ (LMS) video lecture series organized by SPPU, 2020.


Year 2015-2016
F.Y.B.A - 80%
S.Y.B.Sc - 78%
T.Y.B.Sc - 85%
Year 2014-2015
F.Y.B.A - 85%
S.Y.B.Sc - 86%
T.Y.B.Sc - 86% Year 2013-2014
F.Y.B.A - 80%
S.Y.B.Sc - 90%
T.Y.B.Sc - 85% Year 2012-2013
F.Y.B.A - 80%
S.Y.B.Sc - 84%
T.Y.B.Sc - 90%

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- Maharashtra Times - Shahir Hinge Probdhini - Guardian Holiday - Modi Lipi Course


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