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Skydive for Beaumond House

Sunday 6th September 2020, Langar Airfield, Nottinghamshire

Deposit: £60 upon registration

Minimum sponsorship: £350

Take Part in a tandem Skydive from 13,000ft to support Beaumond House Community Hospice. Tandem Skydive over Nottingham Experience the incredible sport of skydiving!


Following a short pre-jump briefing, you will enjoy the adrenaline rush of freefall and the thrill of the flight under parachute, all while securely attached to a highly experienced and qualified instructor. After exiting the aircraft you will freefall for 45 to 50 seconds, reaching speeds of over 120 mph, until your instructor deploys your parachute. The descent under the parachute will take several minutes, during which time you can enjoy the amazing views of the Nottinghamshire countryside.


On the day



After signing in at reception you will be introduced to one of our experienced tandem instructors. Your instructor will tell you everything you need to know about the equipment, talk you through the aircraft flight, the skydive, and the parachute ride and landing, and will help you practise the required body positions.



You’ll be provided with a skydiving jumpsuit and fitted into your harness. Then you and your instructor will board the aircraft. Once inside the aircraft your instructor will secure your harness to theirs and the aircraft will take off. You’ll ride up to altitude in one of our Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft that have been specially converted for skydiving. During the 20 minute flight you can enjoy the beautiful views of the British countryside.



When you reach the exit altitude of around 13,500ft you’ll begin moving towards the door. The adrenaline kicks in as you and your instructor jump from the aircraft and begin accelerating to terminal velocity. You will reach speeds of over 120mph - it’s really noisy and very windy - for around 45 to 50 seconds. At 5,000ft your instructor will deploy the parachute slowing you down for a gentler ride, during which you’ll be able to talk to your instructor and even try steering. Your instructor will take control for the landing and you can breathe a sigh of relief when back on solid ground - and tell your cameraman all about it!



Your instructor will give you time to tell your family and friends about your experience. Once back inside the building you’ll be presented with a certificate. If you had the video and photo package you and your spectators will see your skydive on our big screen just a few minutes after your landing.



01636 385025


On registration you will be required to pay a £60 deposit. A minimum sponsorship of £350 is required, this covers your entry  with all profits (a minimum of £200) directly benefiting the patients of Beaumond House Community Hospice and their families.


Weight Restrictions


Weight restrictions apply as follows:

• Those who are 5ft 4” and under have a maximum weight restriction of 13 stone.

• Those who are 5ft 5” and over have a maximum weight restriction of 15 stone.


This limit is in place for your safety and that of Langar Airfield instructions.

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